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„A clear platform where cohousers can easily find each other"

Find a room


Finding the ideal cohousing place is not easy. Where do you want to live? What is important to you? Who is living there already? The general search page from The Roomies takes into account all your cohousing preferences and helps you finding the perfect cohousing place.

Go to the search page now and use the interactive map and filters to refine your search. Found a cohousing place? Click on a room and discover much more information about this place.

Do you like several locations? Gather all your favourites by clicking on the heart . Your favourites are automatically available in your profile under Favourite Rooms.

Can't find the cohousing place of your dreams? No worries! You can save your filters and search area in the search page. Decide if you want to receive daily, weekly,... emails with updates on new rooms. Your searches are automatically available in your profile under Searches. Who knows, you may have more luck later!


Found your ideal cohousing place? Click on the contact landlord button in the room page to contact the landlord by email. Describe why you would be the perfect new roommate. Send the message and keep an eye on your email address for a reply from the landlord.

Start your new life!

Can you become the new housemate? Well done! Your future home is waiting for you.

„Put a room online in only 3 steps!"

Rent a room

Put a room online

Do you want to rent out a room for cohousing or are you and others looking for a new roommate? With The Roomies you can put a room online for free in only three steps. Describe the room and the cohousing space, add photos and give more info about the current residents. The more detailed the description is, the greater the chance of being contacted by the right roommate!

Have you put a room online? Now go to My Rooms in your profile and get more information about your rooms. Check how many people already viewed your room and share your room on social media to reach more people.

Once you have put a room online, you can always edit it afterwards or take it offline. Go to your room page or My Rooms in your profile and go to edit to modify the room data, take the room offline or delete it.

Be contacted

When your room is online, interested tenants will contact you via your personal email address. In this email you will also find the contact details of the interested person so you can contact him/her again if you wish.

Find your perfect tenant or roommate

Have you found the ideal tenant or roommate out of all the interested candidates? Congratulations, you can now rent out your room!