Co-living above Brussels' trees


  • 1M - 1F - 0X
  • 20-25 years
  • Students and employed


  • Bedroom 14m2
  • Free from 1 January 2024


  • Apartment

Atmosphere :

  • Cooking together
  • Love plants and gardening
  • Veggie/vegan
  • Work out together
  • Book lovers

What The apartment has a homely atmosphere. It is well isolated, warm and comfortable. Located on the seventh floor, overlooking the forest, we always feel as if we’re on holiday. How The key word here is ‘co-living’, not ‘co-housing’. There is no room to live apart and avoid each other. You are free -like us- to have your personal space and be alone whenever and wherever you want. Nonetheless the idea is that we live together, cook and eat together, talk, relax, garden and clean together. We want to feel comfortable in our own house and therefore are looking for someone we feel at ease with, who can be a roommate, and a friend. Who Aeneas loves nature, nights and sunsets, good literature, philosophy, running, swimming and climbing. Julie loves gardening, art, sunrises, cooking, drawing, dancing and laughing. She studies history at the VUB. Our apartment is our little paradise, where we can come home and relax. We like to skip the superficial and connect, walk in the forest, dance, make art, garden, invite friends, go out… We speak Dutch, English, a little French and a (very) little German. We are open to learning new languages. You Ideally you are a fan of our way of life, respect diversity (of opinion) and are not too easily offended. We welcome free spirits and artists of any kind. Beside your mother tongue you must be able to communicate with us in either Dutch, English (, or French). Preferably you don’t mind eating vegetarian. Furthermore, you can be of any ethnicity, gender, movement, religion, … You cannot put your domicile here.


  • Furnished bedroom
  • Shared bathroom with 2 persons or more

Living space & amenities

  • Wifi
  • Oven
  • Washing machine
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Car parking


  • Smoking not allowed
  • Pets not allowed

Rental costs

Monthly rent


Monthly fixed costs


One-time deposit



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